The importance of positive words

The power of being positive has been emphasized by many and I am only going to add to that. Being positive is key to a happy life and I wish you to experience the miracles it creates. If you decide to focus your thoughts on positive things, the first thing that will happen is that you get to a stage where you recognise the words and expressions that don't match your newly formed positive thoughts. Examples to those are: 'Oh my God', 'this is awful', 'Oh I am so silly', 'I am unlucky' or 'I am such a loser' etc. When your thoughts are positive, your words and expressions are also changing from negative to positive. This means that when you are having a conversation with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, you are going to change or completely leave certain expressions or words you may have frequently used before and introduce more positive words.

How to be positive?

How could I be positive when 90% of the people are negative?

I just received this question this morning and I think this is a very good question that people can actually relate to whether it’s friends, work or family or whatever. This is funny because the reason why we blame others is because we use others as our excuse for not being happy! It is also important that you realise that nothing extraordinary happened here but the fact that law of attraction has responded to your thoughts. If you think, believe and feel that 90% of the people around you are negative then that is what you are going to get. You could just accept this as a reassurance that the law of attraction works, now you have experienced it in a miserable way why not try to turn it into something that makes you feel good?

How soon will I see some results?

How long will it take to change my life? How long do I have to wait until I manifest the money I need?


Good question but the answer really lies at how well you can imagine yourself having what you desire and how much you believe you can have it. The thing is, that a belief is just a thought that you have been thinking over and over again. The aim of these meditations is to guide your negative thoughts into better feeling positive thoughts which can be the basis of your new beliefs.

There are things you would like to believe and you would like to have but you just can't imagine having it or believe that you are deserving of it.

Meditation, meditation, meditation

Meditation- even the word is so peaceful for me, only because that is my experience of it. I experience peace, happiness, joy, love and wellbeing when meditating. For me, meditation is the answer to everything. When you are down, you can meditate and find yourself peace and happiness again. When you are unsure of which path to go down in your life, meditation can help.   If you have a question meditation will lead you to an answer. The truth is, that to every question you have there is an answer within you. Every question. You can read books and learn to accept other people's answers to your question but the truth is that you can find your own answers. When you calm your mind and raise your consciousness you can open doors you never knew that they existed before. Love, happiness, peace you name it, are all within you.

How to Meditate?

Learning to meditate is the best choice you have made. The point of meditation is to clear your thoughts and bring yourself to a higher level of consciousness. In this state you are more aware of what is happening in your life and this knowledge and understanding brings you a feeling of peace and security.

You need to find a comfortable position. You can sit on the floor, on a chair or you can lie down. While it is said that an energy circle is formed when you sit with your legs crossed and arms loosely crossed, not everyone is physically able to sit in that position due to weight problems for example. The truth is that you can meditate while sitting on a chair with exactly the same benefits as if you twist your legs around your body.

Relaxing Meditation

Relaxing Meditation
Meditation can relax your body, your mind and your soul. This is exactly what most people are looking for after a hard day, week, year. Stress can build up easily but do you do anything about relaxing yourself? Meditation is a great way of relaxing your mind, whether it is guided or unguided meditation. Here at Gabi's Meditation you can find a guided Morning Meditation that helps you to a good start of the day.

You can also find an Evening Meditation that just like the Morning Meditation, helps you with positive thoughts and while listening to the deeply meditating and soothing music you are guided to look at your day. Both good things and bad things. By thinking about the uncomfortable situations, too...

What can Gabi's Meditation offer me?

When you meditate you are
open to recieving wellbeing
Gabi's Meditation was created to loosen your resistance in creating what you desire. To explain that further I will give you an example. If you keep on saying 'My life is so bad, nobody loves me, I have no money, I hate my job...' you are not going to move forward. Instead of focusing on what you don't want this meditation encourages you to turn your energy towards what you want. The meditations on this site help you get out of this negative cloud which is vital in creating well being in any one's life.

Gabi's Meditation can help you clear your mind and if you didn't yet know what it is you wanted in your life, this could be revealed to you in a conscious moment while meditating. When you meditate, your vibration raises and you can move into alignment with...

Why do you want what you want?

Have you thought about it yet? Let's say you meditate because you want to raise you vibration to that of a millionaire's. But why do you desire money in the first place?
Think about it. You desire to have money, but why? Is it because you hate your job and you want to quit and never work again? Is it because you think you would be more respected in your society if you owned a fancy car? Is it to give better schooling for your children? I could ask so many questions here, but the answer will not change.

Change what you believe by meditating

Do you know that you can easily change your believes?

 What is a belief? A belief is a thought that you were thinking over and over again. When you meditate, my guided meditations encourage you to think thoughts that help you release resistance to well-being, which includes love and health as well as financial well being. Your life is guided by your believes or I could say you live your life according to what you believe you can have and can't have, what you can be or can't be or what you can do or can't do. If you believe that the fortune teller on the corner tells the truth about your future then you are right, she does! But only because your belief makes it happen! Your favorite fortune teller says 'you are going to break a toe on your left foot the next week, but don't worry because the week after you will get a visit from someone you love!'. So what happens??

Why meditate?

Meditation is a great way of releasing resistance to what you desire. What I mean by that is, when you wish for something but deep down you don't believe you can have it, there is resistance within you. When things happen to you, you begin asking for more and as you are asking for more the law of attraction is trying to bring it or deliver it to you. Except that you are so much focused on the lack of things, that you never made space for what you have asked for! This is resistance. You resist allowing what you wish for in your life. Meditation can...

I ask and it is not given...

How many times have I got questions like 'but I asked to win the lottery and I didn't' ... or 'but I asked for a better job and I am still stuck at the same job, what are you on about??'. I am on about deliberately creating the life you want through meditation, which releases your resistant that stops you from having what you want! The process of deliberate creation can be completed quickly, slowly whatever speed you believe it takes for you to get what you want. Let's say you want to win the lottery. Look into yourself and ask the question,
Meditation can help
release anxiety

'do I really deep down believe and feel that I can win many many millions that way and that I am deserving of it???'

Most of you would say no. This is what I can call a lottery-syndrome. So many people buy it and admit they won't win it by saying 'well the chances are extremely small, I calculated it last night'.
You could also have fear inside of not knowing how you are going to manage such amounts of money. You could lose it. People could take it...Oh I could go on with the fears associated with having lots of money but you might know/feel them already. And you know this is fine! Start where you are, acknowledge your feelings and start working on the resistance you created by not believing you can have what you desire. My guided meditations are great because you get to hear many great affirmations that if you feel too, can help you loosen your resistance.

Fear or Desire? What's your driving force?

Desiring more money
Photo by Graur Codrin
The two basic feelings that inspire us do to anything are fear and desire. You either want to do something because you fear of not doing it; the consequences of not doing it etc, OR you desire to experience the process of doing it; desire the feeling you would feel when it is done etc. You either want to have money because you desire the feeling of having it as well as the material object and social status OR fear poverty, fear not having money and all the uncomfortable situations you have associated with poverty in your mind.

If you have been in poverty before it might be easier to bring back old feelings that you do not wish to feel ever again. You might say 'I felt so terrible when we
 had no money, I never want to feel like that again. I would never want my children to experience that'. Having experienced poverty could also be your driving force to desire more and better things or circumstances in your life. If you have not experienced poverty you could still have developed a fear for the inexperienced, unknown as poverty is commonly associated with bad things, rightfully, you could say.

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