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Meditation, the answer to your questions!

Regular meditation can change your life for the better and I feel very strongly about introducing it to as many people as possible. I have therefore created this page where I list as many meditations as possible to make sure you can find at least one that you are interested in.

On this page I have listed meditations of others because I would really not like you to leave without finding the perfect meditation for yourself. I am going to write about each of them, what the meditation and website offers, price, etc so you can get a little insight and if you are interested in the product you can simply visit the sellers website to purchase and download.

Meditation Expert

Meditation Expert
Meditation expert offers you free meditation lessons that you can receive through emails. You can learn some valuable tips on how to relax, decrease stress as well as read about meditation case studies. You can subscribe to these emails and if you no longer wish to receive them you can simply unsubscribe at any time.

The meditation lesson website offers to teach you how to meditate, introducing a great variety of meditation techniques such as the Zen, Taoism, Buddhism and other spiritual traditions. You will also find information about guided meditation methods, yoga practices and techniques in general. 

If you are looking for a special meditation, you will find it at Meditation Expert, under the Products page title on the top. You can purchase many interesting meditations, such as The White Skeleton Visualization Method ($8.97). This method received a great positive response by many who purchased it so if you like interesting things I would encourage you to have a look. 

Another fascinating e-book offered by Meditation Expert is called the White Fat Cow: How to Change your Life, Fortune and Destiny Through Merit and Meditation ($24) This e-book consistently receives 5 star reviews as it provides valuable details on how to change bad karma. 

Meditation for Beautiful Skin ($24) is another popular product mainly bought by ladies but it works equally effectively for men. 

To purchase any of the products above click here to visit Meditation Expert then look for products. 

Favourite Meditation!
Money Magnet Meditation

I think you won't be surprised to see that this meditation is a best seller! Many people struggle to make ends meet and this meditation teaches you how to release the stress you have associated with money and allow the money flowing into your life.

The secret to attracting money lies in the programming of your mind. You too, can do that especially when you have this great meditation to help and encourage you! Before we came here we knew we would have desires and we knew exactly that there is nothing we could not have or do in our physical lives. When we got here however we allowed ourselves to be influenced by what others think and learned to believe that our dreams are only dreams, or that we are too stupid to do this and that, or that we are not good enough to do this and that or that we are woman or man so we can't do this and that. The truth is that you can do anything you really want to do! IF your desire is to have more money, you can create more money!! Trust yourself and trust the universe! You can program your mind to attract money and if you would like to learn just how to do that, Money Magnet Meditation is the right place for you to visit.

Valerie Dawson, the author of this fantastic meditation also gives away free money magnet special reports which are well worth a read. This is the most useful free stuff about money meditation you will find on the internet. The money meditation itself is more expensive than others (if you purchase the Money Magnet Meditations Subliminal set of 10 Audio MP3s plus 2 extra Gifts, it comes to $144. Without them, the Money Magnet Meditation costs $97) but if you realise the value behind it you are not going to hesitate. After all it can help you become a money magnet, so the invested money should return to you in multiples!

Sign up for the reports and learn more about money magnet meditation!

Click here to visit Money Magnet Meditation

Master Meditation 
Master Meditation offers advice on how to Master Meditation and experience spiritual well being. On this site you can find many useful information on meditation, guided meditation, spiritual growth. This is an amazing website, you won't come across another where you would receive so much free and amazing readings as you would here. The creator of this site is full of love towards others and this clearly reflects upon his writings. Amazing articles, well worth to read through.

Master Meditation
He has also got a brilliant e-book that is highly recommended for those who are stuck at life and are  unsure of the next steps. This e-book will teach you the basics of meditation, and through learning to meditate you are going to find the right path down your life. The e-book is called Meditation the basics for getting started on your journey ($12.97) and is a wonderful read. I purchased it myself to see if I could recommend it to others. Two of my close friends took my advice and started their journey of meditation with this e-book and they too were happy with what the e-book had to offer. 

Click here to visit Master Meditation

Start Meditation, Stop Smoking

Start Meditation,
Stop Smoking
This meditation revealed its content with the title, yes it helps those who struggle to quit smoking. I have emphasized the power of meditation so much, I think you are not surprised to see that it can even help you quit smoking (or other habits you wish to get rid of).

If you are desiring to live a smoke free life but are not sure how you can do it or if you can do it, this meditation is certainly going to give you some great strength. Meditation can help you with anything because it brings your powers up to the surface that you have so carefully buried before.

You have the power to do anything you desire in your life. If it is your desire to quit smoking, this meditation will help you reach that goal ($19.95).

Click here to visit Start Meditation, Stop Smoking

Ripple Effect Meditation
Also known as Binural Beats Meditation

This meditation has helped hundreds of thousands to relax and go deeper when meditating. It is very important that you do realise that we are talking about binural beats meditation here. This can be either loved or hated by people. If you are one of those who loved the samples, keep on reading, because this meditation can work for you greatly. 

Ripple Effect
This meditation uses scientific techniques to help you meditate longer and deeper than before. It is built on the fact that our brain waves have certain frequencies that either speed really fast so we can't stop our mind from thinking, or they are slower when we are in a relaxed state. 

This is a very unique meditation. It is not a guided meditation you are only listening to certain high and low frequency sounds that can help you relax.

This meditation can help you greatly if you are having trouble lowering your brain waves or I could also say, trouble stopping thinking. If you purchase the meditation ($49.97) you are given plenty of audio to listen to and some valuable e-books to read. While it is more expensive than other meditations recommended, you also need to take into account that you get a lot more for your money. 

Click here to visit Ripple Effect Meditation

Favourite Meditation!
One Hour Meditation                  

One hour meditation offers some amazing guided meditations that I personally enjoy listening to. It is special in many ways but what I enjoy the most about it is that there is no music in the background but the sound of nature. There is nothing more relaxing than listening to the sound of  nature which some of have never heard when living in big cities. I have to say I do not mind music in the background but I have come across meditations before where the music wasn't something I enjoyed listening to and it ruined my whole experience.
One Hour

One hour meditation offers three audio downloads for $16 which is a great price for such an amazing quality. The other two audio downloads are also guided meditations with the title of Eliminate Stress and Deep Sleep. They are again wonderfully relaxing and do not offer any music in the background. You can only hear the relaxing and soothing voice of your meditation guider.

You can listen to a sample before you purchase these amazing meditations. Highly Recommended!

Click here to visit One Hour Meditation


Favourite Meditation!
The Ultimate Meditation Kit

If you are looking for 5 meditations in one place this is the right website for you to visit. The Ultimate Meditation Kit offers 5 guided meditations in the most wanted subjects which are the following:
The Ultimate Meditation Kit

  • General Relaxation
  • Advanced Relaxation
  • Attracting Abundance
  • Enhanced Creativity
  • Meet with your Higher Self
The Ultimate Meditation Kit ($47) also includes a Meditation Report in the form of an e-book. This is a very popular meditation because of the great selection of topics and obviously the great quality.


More coming soon!