* Meditation Music *

Gabi's Meditation music was designed to make you relax, calm your mind and your soul. Nature has provided us with its soothing and relaxing sounds; the sound of the ocean, wind, rainfall and the beautiful sounds of animals. These alone make a beautifully calming experience that helps you release stress and therefore maintain your health.  

(you can download it for free through http://www.vidtomp3.com/ or any other youtube audio downloader, just google it)
Do I need music for meditation?

Meditation is about relaxation and some people struggle with doing that. For those it is recommended that they listen to a music that relaxes them. Music has a special effect on us, it can make us move and the same way it can help us slow down. You just need to find the one that slows you down! The number of meditative and relaxing music is growing day by day however it can be a difficult thing to find one that relaxes everyone. We are all different so while one may relax one person it could do the exactly opposite to another. So if you feel that music can help you relax then it is a good to use music for meditation.


'I am very glad I found this video THANKS I was very nervous and it calmed me down I felt much better THANKS SO MUCH. God bless you.'
From Youtube

'I think this is one of the most relaxing meditation music I ever heard. So simple and that is exactly what I needed'

'great music, thank you'

'What a lovely tune, love the sound of the piano! Thank you.'

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