I ask and it is not given...

How many times have I got questions like 'but I asked to win the lottery and I didn't' ... or 'but I asked for a better job and I am still stuck at the same job, what are you on about??'. I am on about deliberately creating the life you want through meditation, which releases your resistant that stops you from having what you want! The process of deliberate creation can be completed quickly, slowly whatever speed you believe it takes for you to get what you want. Let's say you want to win the lottery. Look into yourself and ask the question,
Meditation can help
release anxiety

'do I really deep down believe and feel that I can win many many millions that way and that I am deserving of it???'

Most of you would say no. This is what I can call a lottery-syndrome. So many people buy it and admit they won't win it by saying 'well the chances are extremely small, I calculated it last night'.
You could also have fear inside of not knowing how you are going to manage such amounts of money. You could lose it. People could take it...Oh I could go on with the fears associated with having lots of money but you might know/feel them already. And you know this is fine! Start where you are, acknowledge your feelings and start working on the resistance you created by not believing you can have what you desire. My guided meditations are great because you get to hear many great affirmations that if you feel too, can help you loosen your resistance.
If you said yes to the above question then you should not worry because when you ask for is given to you, just keep feeling what you are feeling and do not be impatient because that is not going to allow your money in.

'Where is my money, I have asked for it so much?' well, two minutes ago you were in alignment with it, feeling like you had it already, now you are stating the opposite by asking 'where is my money why isn't it coming??' When you say 'where is it?' you are stating that you haven't got it yet! By saying that you are actually stating the opposite of what you want. When you are in alignment with what you are asking for you will have no questions in your mind because you will know it is already here waiting for you to let it in! Don't get me wrong it is okay to want things fast, just make sure you find the right vibrations for that speedy delivery. It is all up to you because you are in charge!

When people want a lot of money they often make certain mistakes such as limiting the ways it could get to them. You could say, I want to win the lottery. But big amounts of money can not only come to you by winning the lottery! Instead of saying that you want to win the lottery and limiting the possibilities of money coming to you, you should play a little bit in your mind and look at all the possible ways in which a man could quickly come in possession of a lot of money. You could then say, but I don't want to work for it that is the point! Now here we are, found the root of all things!

You might not believe that you can have a lot of money if you work for it unless you work for it hard and possibly doing something you hate doing. This is what you need to work on. You need to expand the possibilities of making money in your mind and work on believing that you could be deserving of money flowing to you in such ways. By listening to money meditation, you will not only hear great affirmations that loosen up your resistance to money it is also encouraging you to believe in yourself and your ability to find a way to have the amount of money you desire.

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  1. My experience has been the opposite to this. I wholeheartedly believed that I would manifest through identifying and visualising my desires. I so much believed they would happen and were happening now.

    Sadly 10 years on still not one thing I've asked for has come about and I nearly bankrupted myself in the process from following what I believed was syncronicity. I no longer believe because of a total lack of evidence that there is such a thing as a law of attraction.