* Evening Meditation *

About the Evening Meditation

This evening meditation was created to relax your body and calm your mind and make you ready to go to sleep. It also has a very important part where you are guided to think about your day. This is a very useful practice because you can deliberately draw your attention to the positive things in your life and keep yourself happy, therefore in a higher vibration.

The meditation is also making you focus on times when you felt uncomfortable, meaning any negative feelings that you felt during your day; may it be a result of a small argument or misunderstanding. While you are thinking about these, you are also guided to imagine them the way you would have liked these situations to go; the way it would have kept you in your happy state. This is a great practice that helps you release your negative thoughts and free you from future negativity build-ups. Negative thoughts and feelings can manifest in the form of illnesses so getting rid of them is a wise choice to make. Thinking about your conflicts and solving them in your mind also allows you to learn from these situations and learn new ways of solving problems/ overcoming challenges. 

The last part of this guided evening meditation is making you focus your thoughts and feelings on your desires. When you feel like you already have what you desire, let's say a loving partner, you raise your vibration to that of the desire. In other words, when you meditate and focus your thoughts and feelings on feelings of being  in love, your vibration raises to the level it would be if you were actually in love. When you raised your vibration you are in alignment with what you desire and you set yourself in receiving mode. That means your desires are going to manifest.

This evening meditation is backed up with the relaxing meditation music that is designed to make you calm using a variety of high and low frequency sounds. 


'I downloaded this meditation over two weeks ago and I am absolutely loving it. It encourages me to visualise my goals and when I do that I actually feel like I have got them all already. I go to bed with that feeling every night which is great. The effect of that lasts even in the morning! It's great.'

'My friend recommended me trying your meditations which was new to me but I am glad I downloaded them they make me feel great thank you'

'thank you so much the meditation is fantastic I feel so calm when I am listening to it'

'To be honest I did not believe it could help me but you know what, I actually sleep better since I listen to your evening meditation so thank you for that'

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