So you want to be a Money Magnet?

Desiring more money
Photo by Graur Codrin
Let me tell you how it feels to be a money magnet. When you are a magnet to money you feel the well being of life. You are positive and relaxed because you know that everything you focus your attention to has to manifest. You are not worried or fearful, you feel your power and feel great. You are not only attracting money but situations, events and people who are equally as great in attracting wealth as you are. 

The universe will arrange rendezvous with people whose minds are focused just like your as well as circumstances so your wealth is only increasing. You have great ideas and will know clearly what to do. Your creative power is awakened and life just seems to flow effortlessly. Everything is arranged for you and the universe is celebrating your

Does this sound like something you want? I think this sounds pretty amazing. What you need to realise is that if you want to create wealth you are not necessarily asking for more money. What you really want is getting rid of the bad feelings you have now about your money situation now. If you didn't feel those feelings it wouldn't seem that much of a problem would it? 

When you are in so much debt that you can barely open you can barely open the door because of all sorts of letters that are asking you for money, you (some would say logically) begin to panic. This worrying and fearfulness than automatically block your mind from finding a solution because all you are focusing on is 'I don't have enough money. I can't pay my bills'. You feel bad. And you ask for more money because you don't want to feel bad! You are asking for money because you want to feel good!
As you have learnt, law of attraction is always answering to what you most turn your attention to. 'I don't have enough money' will create not having enough money. You have to learn and believe that seeing something you don't like doesn't mean you have to become one vibration with it. If you haven't got any money right now, you don't have to keep on saying it. You are not helping yourself. When you worry you lower your vibration to be a match to the you- with no money. This then creates a reality where you have no money! You believe you have no money and so it becomes your reality. You have associated yourself with that temporary state.
If, however, you start releasing this worry and fear and accept your momentary situation as temporary you begin to move in the right direction. Just because you have no money right now it doesn't mean that you will never have more money! There were many many people, who at one time were in the same shoes as you  and they are now fine, they have money. And they are not just fine they are millionaires (Robert Kiyosaki, was once homeless. Now he is a millionaire). Why would he be any different to you? He is not! All they did was created a vision. A vision in which they are millionaires. They stuck to this and in their minds they knew that they belong there. At some point they didn't know how, but they knew they will get there! 

Let me tell you an example. A great investment showed up to Kiyosaki. He could have bought a very expansive (can't remember the exact amount but I think it was a million dollars) house for a lot less than what it was worth. He didn't have the money to buy it though, but do you think it stopped him from taking his fair share? Of course it didn't. He found a millionaire with money and introduced him to this investment opportunity in return for a few thousand dollars. The property was purchased and he got his dollars. This is exactly what I was talking about further up when explaining what it feels like to be a money magnet. The universe is arranging circumstances for you and you will meet the people who bring you closer to your desire. 

Robert Kiyosaki knew that he has the power to do anything he desires. He attracting the investment opportunity, then he attracted the wealthy person who could buy this property. The wealthy person also attracted Kiyosaki because he is also a money magnet who is attracting circumstances and people into his life that make him wealthier. Do you see it a bit clearer now?

 All you need to do, is to keep your focus on what you want! Release yourself from your automated response to uncomfortable situations. 

When you let go of your worries and fears and start believing that you can have more than what you have now your mind begins to work and look for ways to get you there. Ways and opportunities that will make you happier in general. 

You never have to feel bad, you never have to feel negative! You always have the  freedom to choose how you want to feel! Feel prosperous, feel loved, feel peaceful, feel open to others, feel safe, feel willing to change, feel free, feel hopefulness, feel joy. You are the creator of your life. You can always decide how you want to feel. So decide now. Happy or miserable? Prosperous or poor? Healthy or sick? 

The choice is yours. 


  1. So true Gabi your belief will become your creation your life. We are all powerful creator and blessed. We only have to decide and focus on it, feel it and be it. The rest leave up to the universe it will do what you ask it for. But wtaxh what you are wishing for feel the emotion behind it do not let limit believe or lack be your guide otherwise you may attract that.
    Focus and feel on what you want and why not on that what causes you pain, worry or sorry enjoy life.
    Gabi my complement you are doing such a great job here and shining your light. Keep on shinning and sharing we need peole like you. Thank you and I do appreciate you and your amazing work.
    Blessings whishes you,


  2. True, a positive mind, heart and body brings happy, prosperous and healty life..