How to be positive?

How could I be positive when 90% of the people are negative?

I just received this question this morning and I think this is a very good question that people can actually relate to whether it’s friends, work or family or whatever. This is funny because the reason why we blame others is because we use others as our excuse for not being happy! It is also important that you realise that nothing extraordinary happened here but the fact that law of attraction has responded to your thoughts. If you think, believe and feel that 90% of the people around you are negative then that is what you are going to get. You could just accept this as a reassurance that the law of attraction works, now you have experienced it in a miserable way why not try to turn it into something that makes you feel good?
So far you have been excellent at manifesting so congratulations on that but it’s time to create something that is more beneficial to you. You could start with a little observation. It is possible that you become anxious even before you have arrived for work, just because you have been preparing yourself mentally for the horrible feelings of going to work and having 90% of your thoughts working negatively against you. So observe these thoughts, and do not fight against them, because fighting is not exactly a positive way of turning your thoughts and feelings positive isn’t it? Yeah let’s fight for positivity! No, instead, you could be grateful for all your thoughts and feelings that served you so far but slowly and gently guide them to better feeling thoughts.

So this process really needs to start as soon as you awaken, not just 2 minutes before you enter the office. As soon as you wake up, you take a deep breath, observe your feelings and gently start guiding them to better feelings ones for example, you think and feel: 'I hate going to work, everyone is so negative, and especially Brian, he is just so pulling me down'. 

You feel angry hateful and worrisome, which is not going to change by thinking ‘all is well’. All is not well for you, that is why you feel bad, but it is only in your mind which can be changed so your life can change for the better. Okay so you say ‘So far I have experienced some negative things at work that have made me feel the way I feel now. I am now ready to let go of these, forgive myself and let go of the thoughts that make me feel bad. Today is a new day it has nothing to do with my past, and I chose to think more happy thoughts today than ever. I recognise the thoughts that need changing easily and am happy to let go of them.’ 

Yeah you could start with that. You see, many people believe that they need to actually quit their job, divorce their partners, make new friends, move to a new city or country in order to be around more positivity. But I say, and I know I am not alone with this, your job here is to make yourself so strong within that no matter what is happening outside, you are 'unhurtable'. And it is very important that you understand the following message : Your happiness does not rely on what is happening outside but what is happening inside. 

It is time to let go of the thought that made you think people around you have anything to do with how your life is, or how you feel. You are the only one who can control your mind and your emotions, and it is your choice whether you decide to be hurt by what someone says, to be stronger by what someone does to you or to become negative as a reaction of what you are observing around you.

If you decide to take full control of your life and emotions today the people that don’t belong in your newly formed life will either disappear or their positive sides will become a lot easier for you to see therefore you will be able to say you are working with people who are 90% of the time positive. Challenges will not disappear, thank the Lord for that otherwise you would never progress, it’s just that you will no longer see these people as problem but as a challenge that can help you become stronger as before. When you have practised positive thinking for a while you might actually rejoice when you come into contact with someone who thinks different to you, because you will know you can learn a lot about yourself from that situation.

Everything I say here comes from my own mind and my world may be different to yours therefore nothing I say has to be followed. In time you will learn your own truth. Meditate and you will. Have a great day.

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