* Money Meditation *

How does this Money Meditation work?

This money meditation works by relaxing you first, both with words as well as the relaxing sounds of the ocean mixed with soothing music. Many people want to have millions of dollars in their account but the truth is that not many actually believe they are able to create such amounts of money. They cannot believe that they can have an idea that sells for millions, they cannot believe that they can inherit millions, and definitely cannot believe that such money could come to them by luck through winning the lottery. They may dream about it, they may use positive affirmations, but if you do not believe these deep down then you are unlikely to get it.

This meditation is FREE. You are free to listen to it on youtube, or you can download the audio from youtube. If you google 'youtube mp3 downloader' you will find many many free programs that instantly help you have it downloaded. I hope this helps you.

This meditation focuses on helping you with that by giving you confidence in your ability to create whatever you desire. I can write here and believe 100% that you are able to create money but it is really you that has to work yourself up enough to believe these; to believe your true self. You came here to create and you have all the power you need to create what you desire. There is nothing you could ask that was to big for the universe or for your life. It is a fact.

We live our lives according to the beliefs we have. You get the partner you believe you deserve, you live in a house you believe you deserve, you have the job you believe you deserve and you live the life you believe you deserve. Now what if you could change these believes? A belief is nothing but thoughts that you were thinking many times. By starting to think thoughts like 'I can have whatever I desire' you start forming new beliefs. These beliefs will then start creating a new life, where you feel you are deserving of more than what you have right now. This money meditation is focusing on introducing positive affirmations about money and well being in general and is helping you form new beliefs.

While it may seem like the affirmations you hear are at random, the truth is that they are very much in order. The affirmations were chosen to activate certain feelings within you first and once you start feeling those feelings the affirmations you hear and repeat in your mind work more effectively.

Feel the feeling of already having the money

This money meditation also encourages you to think of the amount of money you would like to have and feel the feelings of having it already. When you feel the feelings you raise your vibrations to that of the desired amount of money. You can only have what you desire if your vibrations are a match to that what you desire. Law of attraction only brings you what you are a match with, so if you deliberately make yourself a match to the amount of money you want, your money can begin to manifest in your life.

How long is this money meditation?

The money meditation is 16 minutes long and is guided throughout, which means you are going to hear me giving you guidance as to what to think or feel. It is recommended that you sit with your legs crossed throughout or sit on a chair by all means with your eyes closed. It is not recommended that you lie in bed as you might fall asleep. If you fall asleep during a meditation it is not as beneficial because the point is that you are in a state of awareness, in a higher consciousness. 

How many times should I listen to the Money Meditation?

Once a day would be recommended but never feel bad if you miss a day or two. The most important thing is that after you listen to it you try and use these affirmations throughout your day, every day. After a while you will know them by heart and it will be a lot easier to remember and use them daily.


'I think this is so relaxing and calming. I feel just really positive that I can have what I want after I listen to this meditation.'

'I was focusing on a small amount of money, $50 to be exact. It is week two and I won $40 on a scratch card! I am over the moon, I never won before! Thank you for helping me.'

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