Relaxing Meditation

Relaxing Meditation
Meditation can relax your body, your mind and your soul. This is exactly what most people are looking for after a hard day, week, year. Stress can build up easily but do you do anything about relaxing yourself? Meditation is a great way of relaxing your mind, whether it is guided or unguided meditation. Here at Gabi's Meditation you can find a guided Morning Meditation that helps you to a good start of the day.

You can also find an Evening Meditation that just like the Morning Meditation, helps you with positive thoughts and while listening to the deeply meditating and soothing music you are guided to look at your day. Both good things and bad things. By thinking about the uncomfortable situations, too...
you are guided to imagine these the way you would have liked it to be, the way it would have caused you pleasure and not discomfort. You are going to find the solution in this meditative, higher conscious moment that will help you release your negativity in that subject. When you are releasing negativity, you are also preventing yourself from building up more stress.

If you prefer to meditate without any guidance you can use my Meditation Music. It was created using natural sounds such as the sound of the ocean which is commonly known to be soothing. This was then combined with the sound of different instruments to create a completely relaxing experience.

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