Change what you believe by meditating

Do you know that you can easily change your believes?

 What is a belief? A belief is a thought that you were thinking over and over again. When you meditate, my guided meditations encourage you to think thoughts that help you release resistance to well-being, which includes love and health as well as financial well being. Your life is guided by your believes or I could say you live your life according to what you believe you can have and can't have, what you can be or can't be or what you can do or can't do. If you believe that the fortune teller on the corner tells the truth about your future then you are right, she does! But only because your belief makes it happen! Your favorite fortune teller says 'you are going to break a toe on your left foot the next week, but don't worry because the week after you will get a visit from someone you love!'. So what happens??

Lo and behold, the next week you break you toe and the week after you get a visit from someone you love. Why? Because your thoughts and beliefs create your life! If you believe this is going to happen, you raise your vibration to what you are expecting to happen and it will.

Some of us don't need fortune tellers to tell us what is going to happen to us! Some of us can just deliberately create our life the way we want it to be! I believe I can create my life the way I want it to be and I am doing that right now. I believe that I am deserving of all good things life has to offer and am not afraid to allow it. If you don't that is not a problem, because as I said, a belief is just a thought that we think over and over again.

So you could start today by thinking and feeling the thoughts you want to create your life with. Think happy thoughts and feel them. You not in the mood? Start slowly. Start loosening your resistant by thinking about something or someone that can make you smile. Think about the joke a person said that made you smile. Think about a baby, a dog or a snake, whatever makes you smile. You do not have to force yourself to be happy but surely you prefer to be happy than stressed, angry or hateful, don't you? You got there because you were thinking angry and hateful thoughts! Now we cleared that out start guiding your thoughts towards better feeling ones and you will start seeing miracles happening to you!

My meditations introduce affirmations that make you think positive thoughts and encourage you to feel them. Each meditation is 15 minutes long. You have 15 minutes every morning, or evening or even both, right? This could be your chance to change your life! You can do it, I know it, and you know it! So just do it already! :)

Have a very happy day.

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