Use meditation to lose weight

Meditation can help us in so many ways. If you are ready to stop smoking, if you are ready to fall in love again or if you are ready to change your eating habits, meditation will only support you in these decisions.

You can use meditation to lose weight by imagining yourself at your ideal weight. This is a very powerful method since it helps you believe that you can get to that ideal weight. If you don't believe that you can lose weight, you simply will not. As soon as you change your beliefs and your thoughts, you begin to lose weight.

Should I find out why I became overweight in the first place?

When I began listening to audio books from spiritual people I just noticed I was craving more fruit and vegetable than ever. It was not my intention to lose weight but to heal my soul and be happy.

A truely happy person has no weight problems or I could say has no problems with his or her body. Since not every overweight person minds to be overweight.

If you do, and want to change something to make you feel better, start meditating. 

Your goal should not be to lose weight, but to feel happy. And yes, you can feel happy even when you are overweight! Once you learn to accept that who you are now is just fine your body will naturally guide you to the food you need. 

So, how should I do it?

Just sit down, make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Keep your focus on your breathing and try and empty your mind. When you are deeply relaxed you can begin to think thoughts that describe the way you would like to look and feel. It is very important to attach feelings to these thoughts otherwise it is useless. 

You could imagine yourself in a forest, feeling light and enjoying the sunshine on your arms, and face. Things that make you feel good. 

Remember, your aim is to feel good not to lose weight! 

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