I'm sad

When you are sad it means you are out of alignment. You can't find balance. Things that should make you happy no longer do. There are people around you who love you, but you can't feel their love. They can't help you. The only person that can help you is you. You need to find your way back to your balance.

Being sad is one thing and looking for happiness is another. Sadness can be a state that you can treat as permanent or you can look at it as a temporary state in which there is a way out. Your response to your current state of mind has a great significance in the speed at which you can get out of this unwanted state of mind.

You need to be open to the possibility of getting out of this state by yourself. You need to start believing that getting into this state was done by you. Nobody forced you to be sad. It was your (unconscious) decision to turn inwards and choose feelings and thoughts that are not making you feel good. No matter what happens on the outside word, your response to it is always your choice. It is not an 'its your fault' talk. It is not your fault. It is not a fault. It is a state that if you wish to change you can. It can be difficult to feel happy I know. I could tell you so many horrible stories in which it is difficult to be happy. But I won't, you have your own versions of these.

Important things to do when you are sad: 

You must tell yourself that it is only temporary! Your sadness is temporary and there are many many ways through which you can find your happiness again.

Accept yourself. Accept being sad, it's okay. Don't fight against it. Turn to everything in your mind with love and acceptance. Why? By hating your sadness and fighting against it you are only creating more hate and sadness!

You need to find your balance again and in that state you are loving yourself. You are accepting of your thoughts and feelings. Just because you accept them it doesn't mean they will stay forever. Exactly the opposite. The vibration of acceptance differ to that of fighting against something. Acceptance is a positive thing but you need to begin to think about happiness.

Meditation can help. You need to sit comfortably, close your eyes and try and empty your mind of all thoughts. You can use music for it, you can just sit quietly. You can practice clearing your mind out or you can gently guide your thoughts and feelings to better feeling ones. You will resist it at first but you know in your mind that you want to get out of this state so you will have to be persistent. You can get over the resistance. You can do it.

After you began to introduce happy thoughts you will begin to feel them. The words will no longer be empty words and then you have stepped on a very important path.

You are a unique person but you are not the only one experiencing sadness. Many people have overcome sadness and just like them you will too find a way to happiness. There are plenty of ways back all you need to do today is accept and believe in the possibility of being happy!

Some interesting links, rated as helpful by other may help. 

Manual of Happiness- Be happy everyday

An international best seller book about how to be happy in 7 steps (price- $9.99). For those who are struggling to find happiness.

I was 16 when I met a boy who was 20 and he told me 'I had a period in my life when I was very sad. After a long struggle with how I feel I woke up to believe that I am free to be happy. In that moment I decided that I am going to be happy.' I didn't understand the power of this silly and simple sounding statement at the time but I do now. You are free to decide and he realised that and decided by happiness.

This book is based on the same beliefs as mine which is that happiness is a decision and we are free to decide by it.

Click here to read more about this unique book

Think happy now

The title has said it all. And I said it all, too further up :) Happiness- just like sadness is a state of mind. Your thoughts are your fuel to your mind which means the better the fuel the better the performance of the mind is.

Feed it with positive thoughts and feed it with them regularly. Then pause a little bit and start again by feeding the positive thoughts.

Thing happy now is an amazing audio that can help you find your way back to happiness through hypnosis. Behind this very simple website lies a powerful material that can be of great help to you.

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