The importance of positive words

The power of being positive has been emphasized by many and I am only going to add to that. Being positive is key to a happy life and I wish you to experience the miracles it creates. If you decide to focus your thoughts on positive things, the first thing that will happen is that you get to a stage where you recognise the words and expressions that don't match your newly formed positive thoughts. Examples to those are: 'Oh my God', 'this is awful', 'Oh I am so silly', 'I am unlucky' or 'I am such a loser' etc. When your thoughts are positive, your words and expressions are also changing from negative to positive. This means that when you are having a conversation with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, you are going to change or completely leave certain expressions or words you may have frequently used before and introduce more positive words.

Some people find it difficult to change their words because they may have used them for a very long time and started identifying themselves to certain reactions to situations they make. An example, a friend of mine always says 'I am so silly' every time she makes a mistake. It is important to realise that you are not your habits and believes so you can easily let go of these.

It often happens that people decide to live more positive then they bump into an old friend who starts to complain about how badly things go to him. Then because you are a compassionate person, you began to agree with him (even if it is only seemingly) and start lowering your vibrations to match that of that negative person. It is your choice whether you keep your vibrations up or lower it so never blame the friend who you bump into. While you may lower your vibration and keep using your negative words, the difference will be that you will notice what is happening. You will realise when you are negative and this is very important because you can then change it. You will change your words to positive, your thoughts to positive and miracles will begin to happen in your life.

When you are positive, things just happen as if the universe has organised everything to please you and celebrate your existence. You see life in a different color and your happiness becomes evident to you and those around you. Well, you are not going to be in that happy and ecstatic state all the time but that is only because if you were, you would probably be dead (that is when we are experiencing a continuous ecstatic happiness). But what is going to happen is that you will be able to find the path back to happiness in every situation.

We came here to experience contrast and every challenge you come across makes you more experienced and stronger. You came here to create and what you are creating in its broader sense is you yourself. Think positive, use positive words and create a happy an balanced you.

Meditation can help extremely well to clear your mind and get rid of your negative thoughts. Gabi's Meditations are guided meditations that help you with positive thinking and therefore encourage you to use positive words.

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