Money Magnet Meditation

This money magnet meditation was created by Valerie Dawson, who is the Founder of The Dawson Method.
The followings are from her website, I found it very interesting.

Two people studied "The Secret" and set out to use the powerful Law of Attraction. They both started on the same day, with the same dreams and the same amount in their bank accounts.
Today one of them has more money than he knows what to do with. He lives in a luxurious home in a beautiful neighborhood and lives in the lap of luxury. His bathrooms are bigger than your living room.
He sends his kids to private schools, skis in Vail in the winter and vacations in the Caribbean in the spring.
If you close your eyes you can almost smell the money...
The aroma of that new car scent.
The fragrance of Italian leather in the BMWs and Hummers.
The gourmet food being served to him in First Class.
The other person is you. Still struggling, wondering what went wrong.
Something is seriously wrong with this.
Why? Because there you sit, reading this letter, right now in this very moment, wondering why, after trying all the tools and techniques you've studied about the Law of Attraction, you're not even close to winning the money game.
In fact, you wonder sometimes if you're even in the game at all, or just sitting on the bench like a 6th grade basketball player who's too short and skinny to play with the big boys, just hoping for the coach to give you that tap on the shoulder, just once, so you can prove to yourself and everyone else that you belong here.

The secret to attracting money is to program your mind for abundance. Do you know the seven biggest mistake people make with the law of attraction and money? You can find it out at Valerie's website.

Remember, the SECRET to attracting money is to program your mind for abundance the correct way!
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