I'm sad

When you are sad it means you are out of alignment. You can't find balance. Things that should make you happy no longer do. There are people around you who love you, but you can't feel their love. They can't help you. The only person that can help you is you. You need to find your way back to your balance.

Being sad is one thing and looking for happiness is another. Sadness can be a state that you can treat as permanent or you can look at it as a temporary state in which there is a way out. Your response to your current state of mind has a great significance in the speed at which you can get out of this unwanted state of mind.

So you want to be a Money Magnet?

Desiring more money
Photo by Graur Codrin
Let me tell you how it feels to be a money magnet. When you are a magnet to money you feel the well being of life. You are positive and relaxed because you know that everything you focus your attention to has to manifest. You are not worried or fearful, you feel your power and feel great. You are not only attracting money but situations, events and people who are equally as great in attracting wealth as you are. 

The universe will arrange rendezvous with people whose minds are focused just like your as well as circumstances so your wealth is only increasing. You have great ideas and will know clearly what to do. Your creative power is awakened and life just seems to flow effortlessly. Everything is arranged for you and the universe is celebrating your