Meditation, meditation, meditation

Meditation- even the word is so peaceful for me, only because that is my experience of it. I experience peace, happiness, joy, love and wellbeing when meditating. For me, meditation is the answer to everything. When you are down, you can meditate and find yourself peace and happiness again. When you are unsure of which path to go down in your life, meditation can help.   If you have a question meditation will lead you to an answer. The truth is, that to every question you have there is an answer within you. Every question. You can read books and learn to accept other people's answers to your question but the truth is that you can find your own answers. When you calm your mind and raise your consciousness you can open doors you never knew that they existed before. Love, happiness, peace you name it, are all within you.
When you meditate, you relax your mind, clear your thoughts out, let go of the worrying and fear that stops you from being able to see what you need to do.

Meditation for me starts by clearing my mind from all the thoughts and enter into a thoughtless state. Yes, there is life behind your thoughts :) Our minds can be full of rubbish that needs to be cleared out before the pure thoughts are ready to enter. And that is your job to do. This might seem difficult right now but trust me we are all able to do it with a little practice. For beginners I advice you concentrate on your breathing. Your mind will wonder but it is okay. By no means feel like you are fighting your thoughts because that would be against the reason for meditation. Fighting against your thoughts, your feelings create more fighting within you. You need acceptance and love. When you are angry and accept your feelings it doesn't mean 'I love this feeling I want to stay in this forever I have accepted it'. It only means that you love yourself even when you feel angry, hateful, negative, worried whatever.

So start by concentrating on your breathing and when a thought enters (and it will) just take your focus back on your breathing. After a while you will notice that you are breathing less and feel a lot lighter and peaceful. There are also a lot of other feelings that I simply could not explain with words. That is my experience of meditation.

Since I meditate regularly my life has truly changed. I am more aware of what is going on around me and more importantly inside of me. I experience some amazing things happening to me. When I meditate I focus my attention to feeling good, happy and healthy and one of my key thoughts I just introduced is

'I trust that the universe is always arranging things in my life the way it suits me best'.

This thought was one of those that didn't take long to become a belief. And beliefs as we know are guiding our lives because we only allow the experiences into our lives that we believe could happen to us. So change those believes, which are really nothing but thoughts that we keep on thinking over and over again. Introduce new thoughts by clearing your mind and making space. Positive affirmations can work extremely well but only if you can add some emotion to them. Can you do that? I say we all can but we need to be wanting a change in our life. Do you want to change?

Next up: Money Meditation

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