Fear or Desire? What's your driving force?

Desiring more money
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The two basic feelings that inspire us do to anything are fear and desire. You either want to do something because you fear of not doing it; the consequences of not doing it etc, OR you desire to experience the process of doing it; desire the feeling you would feel when it is done etc. You either want to have money because you desire the feeling of having it as well as the material object and social status OR fear poverty, fear not having money and all the uncomfortable situations you have associated with poverty in your mind.

If you have been in poverty before it might be easier to bring back old feelings that you do not wish to feel ever again. You might say 'I felt so terrible when we
 had no money, I never want to feel like that again. I would never want my children to experience that'. Having experienced poverty could also be your driving force to desire more and better things or circumstances in your life. If you have not experienced poverty you could still have developed a fear for the inexperienced, unknown as poverty is commonly associated with bad things, rightfully, you could say.

Whatever the reason for feeling the desire for prosperity meditation can help. It can help clear and quiet your mind. If you fear being in poverty or fear being wealthy this could become clear to you while meditating, which could then help you understand what and how you feel. If you have come to understand that your life is created by the thoughts and feelings you are feeling you are in a great position to change your life. You could start today by saying that you are determined to make a change and be happy.

When you meditate you can focus on clearing your mind out and pay attention to the thoughts that try to sneak back in to your mind. When you are meditating you are open to receive answers to your questions, prayers, whatever you call them and these come in the form of thoughts. The meditations I developed focus on introducing new thoughts in a meditative (open) state that could be the foundation for your future. These new thoughts could inspire you to develop and personalise more of these positive thoughts which can ultimately change your life for the better. My aim is not to give you a money meditation that only focuses on money, but to create a meditation that focuses on your whole well being which includes money.

While you believe having money will make you feel happy, money in itself is not going to give you happiness. Happiness, wealth and well being should not be limited to having money. If you base you happiness around the amount you see in your bank account you could end up being worried about losing your money/happiness/life.

Have you heard about millionaires who lose their money and commit suicide?

Your money does not equal your life. The amount of money you have should not equal the amount of happiness you allow into your life. In other words, having no money in your account should not mean that you need to be sad and that you are not allowed to be happy. Or, having lots of money in your account does not mean you are not allowed to feel down, or that you should always feel happy. Well we all should be happy but not because of having money, but because of life itself, because we have learnt to enjoy life no matter what is happening in it!

You should work on being happy no matter what or who is around you, and in that state you are open for new ideas that will create your life the way you feel inside. If you feel you have everything inside you to be happy you can very easily create a wealthy life based on those feelings. Money Meditation is loaded with positive affirmations around money and life in general so listen to that and enjoy your life!

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