What can Gabi's Meditation offer me?

When you meditate you are
open to recieving wellbeing
Gabi's Meditation was created to loosen your resistance in creating what you desire. To explain that further I will give you an example. If you keep on saying 'My life is so bad, nobody loves me, I have no money, I hate my job...' you are not going to move forward. Instead of focusing on what you don't want this meditation encourages you to turn your energy towards what you want. The meditations on this site help you get out of this negative cloud which is vital in creating well being in any one's life.

Gabi's Meditation can help you clear your mind and if you didn't yet know what it is you wanted in your life, this could be revealed to you in a conscious moment while meditating. When you meditate, your vibration raises and you can move into alignment with...
the vibration of what you desire. The meditation encourages you to be open to new things coming into your life and miraculous changes can happen to you. Your vibration raises and creating becomes easier. You think of what you want and ways to get to it will just unfold. You will see clearly, not only when you are meditating but this higher consciousness will guide you through your every day life, while you are working, while you are around people that bothered you before etc.

If you keep living in this so called negative cloud, you are not open to new possibilities and lose out on life. You could lose out on finding your love! Think about it, you are down, depressed and keep on focusing on all the bad things that happened to you. The person that would be a perfect match to your better feeling self...

just walks past you on the street and doesn't even look at you. Why? The vibrations of the two people are completely different. And really, not many people like to be around those who cry about their life all the time and not even willing to find solutions to their problems.

Meditation however clears your mind and encourages you to find solutions until you are in alignment with your true happy self. Gabi's Meditation is a guided meditation that introduces positive affirmations but also allows you to have time in the beginning and end of each meditation to sit in peace, only listening to relaxing and soothing meditation music. This sounds like what you need doesn't it?

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