Why do you want what you want?

Have you thought about it yet? Let's say you meditate because you want to raise you vibration to that of a millionaire's. But why do you desire money in the first place?
Think about it. You desire to have money, but why? Is it because you hate your job and you want to quit and never work again? Is it because you think you would be more respected in your society if you owned a fancy car? Is it to give better schooling for your children? I could ask so many questions here, but the answer will not change.
You desire money (or whatever else) because you think you will feel better in the having of it.  So, you can imagine that you will be happier when you have that car, that house, that education for your children, but can you also feel the feeling that you would feel? If you answered yes, that is great, keep that feeling alive, return to it often and make it your dominating feeling.

If you answered no, than that is fine, I am here to help. How? By helping you understand how your thoughts work and introduce new thoughts through meditation.

You may from time to time get upset and caught up in the feeling of not having enough of money. This then makes you sad and realise everyone else who has it but not you, or everyone else who also hasn't got it just like you.

You have read and heard that you should not focus on the lack but on your desires etc. You might feel though that by not focusing on what is, you are not living in reality and ignore reality. You could also feel that by giving up your thoughts and habits that you have so carefully selected and nurtured for so many years would mean you are giving up your personality! You could fear that you are going to disappear! You are not going to disappear, and your personality will be thriving and attracting people and events that will take you closer to your desires. As for ignoring reality, that is not what it is about, it is simply to say that you need to turn your focus and attention to better feelings thoughts and feelings. By making slight adjustments in your thoughts you began to open the door to wellbeing.

I have listed a great selection of fear that comes up in people when I talk about changing lives. Instead of fear being the dominating feeling we could turn it around and let desire be your dominating guide. You can do that by thinking thoughts that make you feel good. You can do that by meditating, which puts you in a calm and clear state of mind when you are ready to introduce new, life changing thoughts. Very soon you begin to realise the thoughts that no longer serve you and you start deliberately thinking the thoughts that make you feel good.

By practising this you will get better and better at finding thoughts that make you feel good and equally your life will get better and better. You can get started today and highly recommend my morning and evening meditations. They work fine individually, but if you can do both of them, even better. They make you appreciate and think the thoughts that create what you desire and while you are doing it you are raising your vibration to being a match to what you desire. So you understand now that your thoughts create your life? You are the creator of your life, remember that. 

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