Money magnet meditation works, read my winnings on scratch card!

Before I created my own money meditation, I was listening to Valerie Dawson's Money Magnet Meditation and just after 3 days I attracted a small amount of money in my life.

That morning I decided to look at some of the meditations on money and see if there are any worth buying. I was happy with Valerie Dawson's but I know that some people might have a problem buying it because it is a bit pricey (see more about Meditations at Recommended Meditations) On one of the websites I read that this particular Money Magnet meditation is so good that 'people make $10.000 a months whereas they made nothing before'. This reminded me of a scratch card where you can win £10.000 a month for a year and thought I want to buy one. So I went to the national lottery website. The minimum you can deposit is £5 but I decided I will deposit £6 which will pay me for 3 games.
The first and second games didn't win, but I thought I will get the third one anyways as I knew I will win something. As I started scratching the first row I noticed I won £5, which I was happy about, but still I am in -£1, then as I kept on scratching I realised the third row won another £15 and then the other side won me another £20!! In total I won £40 on the £2 game and I was SO happy, I was jumping up and down. I have to mention here that I literally never won before! So I knew it was because Valerie's Money Magnet Meditation has started something in me.

Can you see the way I was taken to this site? There are no accidents, I hope you have learnt it by now!! I am now another £40 richer which is great, I deserve it and a lot more.

It is so important to keep your mind focused on positive thoughts. I regularly meditate which is a great help but am also reading a lot of books to gain more knowledge around spirituality. The more I read the more I understand even though words can't teach us. However I can link those words to my experiences and then there is light and I understand my life. :) 

Read about my meditations and see how they work. If it is not something you like please visit my Recommended Meditations. I am so sure you are going to find one that you will love.

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  1. Hey,Watching and listening to all of your works is better than any meditation that I have ever had. sometimes, I'll just listen and read and write, other times I will just allow myself to be immersed in your brilliance. I would love it if you would contact me.Than you!!
    kirpal singh