Benefits of Meditation

 There are many benefits to meditation, it raises your consciousness, your vibration, reduces stress, gives you
Benefits of Meditation:
Higher Consciousness
confidence, a peace of mind and you could even get answers to your questions. Everything is within us already all you need to do is find of way to bring it to the surface. There is an answer within you to every question you have. Every question!

Meditation is good for the mind, the soul and the body. When you meditate, you raise your level of consciousness and become more aware of what is happening in your mind and even in your body. You regain control over your mind.
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We have about 60.000 thoughts a day. Most of these thoughts are in a way 'automated', which means you are not thinking 'I am going to think this now....', thoughts are just there. So if they are just there, then it is more like your thoughts are thinking you, rather than you, who is in control of your thoughts, create your thoughts deliberately. When you are meditating you can quiet your mind, with time to the point that there aren't any thoughts. And yes, there is life behind those thoughts!

In the beginning you will feel like you are fighting against your thoughts, but there is no need to feel that way. It is natural to think so there is no need to fight against your thoughts. All you need to do is accept whatever is in your mind and gently guide your thoughts to whatever you want to think about. If you desire to be in a thoughtless moment/minute/hour whatever, all you need to do is practice. Meditation is obviously a great way to quiet your mind so it is highly recommended if you wish to change or regain control over your thoughts.

In a meditative state you relax your body and with that reduce the level of stress that has built up in you over time. This can prevent stress related illnesses (most of the illnesses) therefore meditation can help us stay healthy.You will feel lighter because in that deep meditative state you can let go of your worry- and painful responses to situations that you call problems and are able to enjoy life in its purest way. This is how it always should be and in time you will see that, too.

When you raise your level of consciousness you feel clarity. You feel confident, in control over your mind and therefore over your life. You feel joy and freedom. You feel and you know exactly what is happening, you know that everything that is happening in your life is meant to be the way it is. You know that everything that happens in your life, happens the way it does because that is the best for you in that moment. You may not see it, feel it or believe it right now but there is always a positive side of everything. You simply become aware; you simply wake up.

You can meditate just by closing your eyes and start focusing on your breathing. Using a relaxing music can help greatly in relaxing your body. Music has a power over humans in the sense that it makes us move, but it can also make us slow down and completely relax. Using natural sounds, such as the sound of the ocean, wind, rain can also be very beneficial as they are nature's way of providing soothing for us. What can however relax one, might annoy another, so do not be discouraged if an audio with the title 'this relaxes everyone' will not relax you. There is nothing wrong with you, it just means the title was wrong. :) We are all different and unique and that is the beauty of humanity!