What is meditation?

Meditation is usually associated with Buddhism, which teaches that meditation is the only way to release anxiety, turn hatred into love, learn to fall asleep peacefully again and many more by simply switching your mind into conscious mode. Have you ever noticed that your thoughts are uncontrollably taking over your mind? Are you always thinking? Can you stop thinking? If you can't it is because you are in unconscious mode. Your thoughts are thinking you. If you are in unconscious mode you are not a deliberate creator of your life and your conscious creating power is very weak.

This can, however with meditation be turned around and you can become a master creator. During meditation I focus upon my breathing, which calms me down and clear my mind of all thoughts which in a way means I am consciously making space for the new and improved thoughts to come in. In this thoughtless state I began to focus my feelings on my desires and allow new thoughts coming in that are a vibrational match to my desires.

When you are conscious you take responsibilities for your thoughts and realise the potential to change the way your mind works; and by doing that you can change your life. It will no longer be that thoughts are thinking you, but rather you become the person who deliberately thinks thoughts to create a better feeling life. You will also be the person who can quiet the mind and easily find the off switch.

Regular meditations can lead you to living a more conscious life which is often recalled by me and many others as a life where you have opened up your eyes and see. Things just become clear and everything makes sense. It is easy to get to that stage as all you need is your desire to get to that stage. If you are not fully tuned in or feel a burning desire to live a better life, it could take time. So tune in and save time :) Adding a morning and evening meditation to your daily routing could be the wisest thing in your life.

How long is a meditation?

Gabi's Meditation
  The meditations you find here are guided meditations, which means you will be given guidance as to what to do and what to think, imagine and feel. These thoughts then develop inside you and begin to form new beliefs about your life and- in the case of Money Meditation, about your money situation. These meditations are encouraging you to develop new ideas in your life that will make your life better and happier. My guided meditations are approximately 16 minutes long. The meditation music is also approx. 16 minutes long which can be a great background for your own meditation. While guided meditations are very useful it is equally as useful to just sit and meditate without any guidance.

I advice that after listening to a guided meditation, you continue sitting in that meditative state for another 10 minutes. As a beginner you might feel this time to be too long, so I suggest you work your time up to this extra 10 minutes gradually.

You can listen to a sample of the Morning Meditation here, the Evening Meditation here and the Money Meditation here.

I allow 30 minutes for meditation both in the morning and in the evening. I sit on the floor, with my legs crossed, hands on the my knees, open and facing up. It is not necessary to sit like this, you can sit on a chair, with your feet on the floor or you can sit on your knees. It is however important that your back is straight as it helps the air to come in and out easier and that your hands are not crossed on your chest. That posture clearly means resistance to letting new things in. You need to feel comfortable and able to relax in your chosen position.

When you found that position, place your headphones on, close your eyes and take a deep breath. Slowly blow it out and continue to breath in and out slowly.

My experiences of meditation

I felt a strong desire to meditate but I wasn't sure how to do that. My mother told me I need to sit with my legs crossed, then others said sit on a chair, with your feet on the floor and hand open and facing up as if you were expecting something to be put in your hands. In the end I decided I will listen to what I feel I should do and that was, crossing my legs and opening my hands.

On the second day of meditating I experienced a tingling feeling in my forehead, not directly between my eyes, but a bit above that point. On day three I felt it even when I was not meditating and at times it felt rather painful. I was curious to know what was happening so I quickly did some search and kept on finding everywhere that it is a sign of the opening of the third eye. As a child I often played a game where I would close my eyes and ask someone to move something to my forehead and I would be able to tell if this was done so or not. While my eyes were shot I always felt it if something was near my forehead.

Regular meditation has done a magic in my life. I am generally a lot happier and more confident in my power than I was before. I now see clearly what I need to do and feel like everything works out really easily for me. My mind has awaken and I feel refreshed and ready to enjoy life.

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