Read some feedback on my money meditation!

I am so happy to get these emails!! Hearing you guys being happy and getting what you want means so much to me!!!! I have decided to share some of the emails I got and am hoping that this will only encourage those who haven't tried these meditations (or others) yet to just give them a try! All you need to do is believe and it works! I have made my meditations available to anyone for free to make sure that you will give it a go!!! Read these emails and start changing your life today!! You deserve happiness, you deserve love and you deserve to live a comfortable life where you can afford what you would like! Believe in yourself and believe you can have it all!

Have a very happy day!

Here are some emails! Please share your story with me!

Gabi: I just wanted to share my experience to you only. I have been doing the money meditation for two weeks, I loaned someone $1,000. They chose not to pay me back. I did not concentate on th lose, but "What I wanted".  Yes, I was hurt to be treated in such a way, when I was trying to help someone.
This is what happen, Irececived my 2010Income tax pf $1,070 on the day they told me how they could not pay me. Not only that, but yesterday, I received $1,641.82 from my 2010, Federal Income Tax.
I see as hurt as I was, the money came.
Thank you
Rosalind H

Hi Gabi,

I just did your money magnet meditation; very nice indeed!

It's so nice to see how generous people are with their time and talents,
and I just wanted to express my appreciation.

I've also been doing a lot of work reading and listening (Abraham and Seth
mostly) as well as various meditations, and yours was very enjoyable and I
certainly felt (even) better by the end.

Thanks again!


Toronto, Canada

Hi Gabi,
Something you should know...
Since I started watching your Money Meditation video on YouTube a couple of months ago, I have received THREE unexpected cheques and one expect cheque in the mail. The three unexpected cheques were the most amazing to me because they came from sources that I could NEVER have predicted receiving money from. I just want to say THANK YOU for putting that video up on your website and YouTube for others to watch. It is helping people. :)
Have a great weekend.


Hello Gabi, 

I am sure this finds you happy and healthy. I LOVE your mediations, they resonate beautifully with me. I listened to the morning and evenings partial that you had up and was hoping to find out how to purchase/download the full ones. 

Thank you so much fogr your efforts and intent.


Bravo for your website! very well explained and you are very generous with your free meditations, Than you!



Use meditation to lose weight

Meditation can help us in so many ways. If you are ready to stop smoking, if you are ready to fall in love again or if you are ready to change your eating habits, meditation will only support you in these decisions.

You can use meditation to lose weight by imagining yourself at your ideal weight. This is a very powerful method since it helps you believe that you can get to that ideal weight. If you don't believe that you can lose weight, you simply will not. As soon as you change your beliefs and your thoughts, you begin to lose weight.

Should I find out why I became overweight in the first place?

I'm sad

When you are sad it means you are out of alignment. You can't find balance. Things that should make you happy no longer do. There are people around you who love you, but you can't feel their love. They can't help you. The only person that can help you is you. You need to find your way back to your balance.

Being sad is one thing and looking for happiness is another. Sadness can be a state that you can treat as permanent or you can look at it as a temporary state in which there is a way out. Your response to your current state of mind has a great significance in the speed at which you can get out of this unwanted state of mind.

So you want to be a Money Magnet?

Desiring more money
Photo by Graur Codrin
Let me tell you how it feels to be a money magnet. When you are a magnet to money you feel the well being of life. You are positive and relaxed because you know that everything you focus your attention to has to manifest. You are not worried or fearful, you feel your power and feel great. You are not only attracting money but situations, events and people who are equally as great in attracting wealth as you are. 

The universe will arrange rendezvous with people whose minds are focused just like your as well as circumstances so your wealth is only increasing. You have great ideas and will know clearly what to do. Your creative power is awakened and life just seems to flow effortlessly. Everything is arranged for you and the universe is celebrating your

The importance of positive words

The power of being positive has been emphasized by many and I am only going to add to that. Being positive is key to a happy life and I wish you to experience the miracles it creates. If you decide to focus your thoughts on positive things, the first thing that will happen is that you get to a stage where you recognise the words and expressions that don't match your newly formed positive thoughts. Examples to those are: 'Oh my God', 'this is awful', 'Oh I am so silly', 'I am unlucky' or 'I am such a loser' etc. When your thoughts are positive, your words and expressions are also changing from negative to positive. This means that when you are having a conversation with your friends, neighbors, colleagues, you are going to change or completely leave certain expressions or words you may have frequently used before and introduce more positive words.

How to be positive?

How could I be positive when 90% of the people are negative?

I just received this question this morning and I think this is a very good question that people can actually relate to whether it’s friends, work or family or whatever. This is funny because the reason why we blame others is because we use others as our excuse for not being happy! It is also important that you realise that nothing extraordinary happened here but the fact that law of attraction has responded to your thoughts. If you think, believe and feel that 90% of the people around you are negative then that is what you are going to get. You could just accept this as a reassurance that the law of attraction works, now you have experienced it in a miserable way why not try to turn it into something that makes you feel good?

How soon will I see some results?

How long will it take to change my life? How long do I have to wait until I manifest the money I need?


Good question but the answer really lies at how well you can imagine yourself having what you desire and how much you believe you can have it. The thing is, that a belief is just a thought that you have been thinking over and over again. The aim of these meditations is to guide your negative thoughts into better feeling positive thoughts which can be the basis of your new beliefs.

There are things you would like to believe and you would like to have but you just can't imagine having it or believe that you are deserving of it.